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Give a fresh start to your used products

Turn your pre-loved items into profit by listing them on TWICE Market.

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How to buy and sell used items online on TWICE Market?

TWICE Market is a local resale marketplace that helps you buy and sell used items within your local community.

List your items for sale with AI

Selling items is super easy: just snap a picture, and TWICE’s AI will create a listing for you with detailed information about the product, condition, and price.

Discover what's available near you

Find nearby second-hand items, communities, and sales events that are listed on TWICE and other platforms.

Showcase and share your collection

Everything you list is gathered in your own Commerce Bio, a simple storefront you can link to your social media profiles, and use to sell or showcase your collection.

Join your Local Marketplace.


Whether cleaning out your garage, downsizing your home, or simply looking to part ways with items that no longer serve you, TWICE makes it easy to turn your clutter into cash.


Broaden your online presence and increase foot traffic to your local store. List your items on TWICE, and we'll make sure that buyers near you know about them.

Learn more about reselling products

What products can I sell on TWICE Market?

From vintage clothing to antique furniture and electronics to collectibles, Twice's platform accommodates all types of physical goods.

Is the resale business really profitable?

Absolutely! With the right approach, the resale business can be a profitable venture, often offering higher margins on unique and sought-after items.

How does TWICE help with sustainability?

By facilitating the resale of used and refurbished goods, Twice promotes the circular economy, reducing waste and helping to conserve resources.

Can I integrate Twice with my existing recommerce operation?

Yes, Twice offers seamless integrations to help you expand or streamline your existing recommerce operations. You can link your Commerce Bio to any other platform you use to list and promote used items. Twice is not a replacement for your other sales channels; it's a way to expand your reach.

How do I determine the price of used goods?

Determining the right price point for used goods requires expertise and market research, e.g., in online marketplaces. Twice's intelligent AI suggests a realistic price for your items based on the images you upload and allows you to customize it according to your knowledge about the product's actual condition and other factors.