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Sell your used skis online without a hassle

Make money selling your old skis that you no longer need, and give them a new life.

How to buy and sell second-hand skis online on TWICE Market?

TWICE Market is a local resale marketplace that helps you buy and sell old skis within your local community.

List skis for sale with AI

Selling skis is super easy: just snap a picture, and TWICE’s AI will create a listing for you with detailed information about the product, condition, and price.

Discover used skis near you

Find nearby second-hand items, communities, and sales events that are listed on TWICE and other platforms. For sure, someone somewhere is selling what you're looking for.

Showcase and share your collection

Everything you list is gathered in your own Commerce Bio, a simple storefront you can link to your social media profiles, and use to sell or showcase your collection.

Join your Local Marketplace.



Whether cleaning out your garage, downsizing your home, or simply looking to part ways with items that no longer serve you, TWICE makes it easy to turn your clutter into cash.


Broaden your online presence and increase foot traffic to your local store. List your items on TWICE, and we'll make sure that buyers near you know about them.

Learn more about selling used skis

Where can I sell used skis?

You can sell used skis through various online platforms such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, sports consignment shops or ski swap events in your local area can be great places to sell. Always ensure to provide detailed descriptions and quality photos to attract potential buyers.

How to sell used skis online?

To sell used skis online, start by taking clear, high-quality photos from different angles. Write a detailed description, highlighting the brand, model, size, and condition. Be honest about any wear and tear. Set a fair price by researching similar used skis. Use persuasive language to create a compelling listing that grabs attention and sparks interest. Finally, post your listing on a reputable online marketplace, and respond promptly to inquiries.

How do I know the value of used skis?

Determining the value of used skis involves several factors. Firstly, consider the brand and model, as high-end brands typically retain value better. Secondly, the condition of the skis is crucial. Skis with minimal wear and tear will be worth more than those heavily used. Lastly, the age of the skis matters. Recent models will generally hold more value. It's also helpful to compare prices of similar used skis online.

Can you make money selling used skis?

Absolutely! Selling used skis can be a profitable venture if done correctly. The key is to ensure the skis are in good condition and priced appropriately. It's also important to market them effectively, highlighting their features and benefits to potential buyers. Remember, the demand for used skis often increases during the winter season, so timing your sales can also impact your profits.

Why should I use Twice to sell used items?

Using Twice to sell used items offers a seamless and efficient experience. The user-friendly interface simplifies listing items, making it accessible for all users. The platform ensures secure payment options, catering to both individuals and businesses. With Twice, sellers can list their products on multiple channels simultaneously, increasing visibility and ease of management. Additionally, Twice eliminates the common frustrations of selling second-hand items online, such as haggling, reserving, and releasing happening in comments or direct messages. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also broadens the potential buyer base, enhancing the overall selling experience.